The first thirty out of 400 Astra beagles have been trafficked to the UK. We have obtained scanned copies of export documents (click here to view) showing the details of the sordid affair. It is not too late to save them. If there was ever a time to act it is now.

Our promise to Astra Zeneca and those involved in beagle trafficking is that we will find out what happens to every last one of the Astra dogs and we will put it in the public domain for all to see. There is no place to hide.

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Please contact the Astra Zeneca board as a matter of urgency, they have the power to stop this:,,,,,,,

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Dear [insert name]

AstraZeneca has announced that it will be closing its breeding kennel in Sweden. Since then, the future of the remaining beagles who would have been used in experiments has been uncertain. We appeal to you to show mercy and give these dogs the gift of life. Please allow these dogs to be adopted in to loving homes where they can be rehabilitated.

This would be good PR for your company and counter the bad publicity you have recently received over this issue and would be a good start for the new senior executive team. The world is watching and is following your  decision in this matter. Please make the humane choice and show the world that you are capable of compassion.

I thank you very much in advance.

Yours sincerely,

[your name]